‘In order to stay as close as possible to the object-like character of my subjects, such as chairs, books and tools, I depict them in a realistic manner, in full size and without context. Sometimes I use the actual objects to print with. The gathering of objects intrigues me; what does a homeless person need to survive? What does our book collection mean to us? Can the value we assign to it shift and are these objects just the traces of our presence?’

Dream on 4 2021 145x95cm

Shed some light 2021 50x39cm

Folding chair 2020 120x80cm

Axes 2019 80x60cm

Suitcase 2019 120x80cm

Crate 2018 50x70cm

Ladies handbag 2 2018 70x50cm

Homeless 2017/2018 145x190cm

Vincent’s table 2015 120x80cm

Vincent’s chair 2015 120x80cm

Chaise Mas de Charrou 2014 120x80cm

Scissors 2021 39x50cm

Looking forward/backward 2020 76x56cm

Axes 2020 120x80cm

Axes burning 2019 97x61cm

Books 2018 145x90cm

Ladies handbag 2018 40,5x35cm

Dublin bag 2018 70x50cm

Zigzag Rietveld 2017 120x80cm

Gauguin’s chair 2015 120x80cm

Still life after Van Gogh 2015 80x120cm