Hands make gestures, and in gestures a person expresses himself, sometimes more expressively and sincerely than in language. The frozen, stylized gesture as you can see in the art of the Renaissance for example, has a special and very fascinating meaning for me. A form of symbolic or sacred power, as if the hand is not attached to the body, but the other way around.’

Black dahlia 2019 27x33cm

Hand of the artist 2013 29x20cm

String  2013 112x171cm

Chain of beads 2011 165x122cm

Dust 2010 80x120cm

Magnolia 2010 120x250cm

Soft spot 2010 170x121cm

Book 2009 100x115cm

Forget me not 2008 25x19cm

Amaryllis 3 2007 200x110cm

Amaryllis 1 2006 200x120cm

Hand book 2004 50x40cm

Branch  2021 29,5×21 cm

Foot 2021  26×31,5 cm

Potato peeler 2015 29x41cm

Just wait and see 2013 120x161cm

Hand on my heart 2013 50x65cm

Cold feet 2010/2011 280x120cm

Small skull 2009 28x20cm

In the beginning 2008 96x160cm

Made in Japan 2008 32x20cm

Amaryllis 2 2007 200x10cm

After Rogier van der Weijden 2004 32x2cm

Flower 2006 120x120cm

Muscari 2003/2004 200x120cm

Hands after Q. Metsys 2004 200x110cm