‘In my garden every day I can see how things develop there. Flowers in particular continue to fascinate me and every stage of their existence prompts me to look and make.

It’s not necessarily about beauty or transience, the classic floral themes. Sometimes I want to express the vitality or poisonousness of a flower or show how the light exposes the structure of a plant.

A hand holding a flower is an ever-returning subject, because I like the combination of the hand-gesture and the structure of the flower. The act of presenting the flower is meaningful to me.’

Black Dahlia 2019 27x33cm

Thistle 2008 120x80cm

Field 2008 110x160cm

Alcea 2008 120x80cm

Amaryllis 2 2007 200x110cm

Amaryllis 3 2007 200x110cm

Narcissus 2007 90x90cm

Digitalis 2 2006 120x80cm

Sunflower 1 2005 120x80cm

Crazy chrysanthemum 2008 31x22cm

Blossom 2009 80x120cm

Dahlia 2009 90x90cm

Magnolia 1 2007 90x124cm

Magnolia 2 2007 90x90cm

Flower 2006 120x120cm

Iris 2005 220x100cm

Sunflower 4 2006 142x95cm

Sunflower 3 2005 80x120cm

Sunflower 2 2005 120x80cm

Sunflower in moonlight 2004 50x70cm