Collaboration/Bodyparts 2004

‘Bodyparts’ is a collaboration project with Leonie van Santvoort and Margriet Thissen. During a year (2003/’04) we worked on a series of prints made up of various graphic, drawing and painting techniques. Each of us came up with a printing form as a starting point to which the other artist responded. In this way we intervened in each other’s work and created collective works. This collaboration resulted in thirty prints in the format of 240 x 120 cm. Graphic Atelier Daglicht in Eindhoven and the Noord Brabant fund for visual artists gave us the opportunity to realize this project.

Collaborations Bodyparts 2004, Margriet Thissen & Leonie van Santvoort

Collaboration/A Human Condition

Collaboration project with Goedele Peeters in 2010 at Center Frans Masereel, Kasterlee, Belgium and at our studio’s in Antwerp and Breda. We responded to each other’s work in an associative and intuitive way resulting in an artist book with 16 woodcuts and lithography’s.

A Human Condition portfolio with Goedele Peeters 2010/2011 25x40cm

A Human Condition portfolio with Goedele Peeters 2010/2011 25x40cm

Collaboration/Printing of ‘annual print’ for Archaeoptrix Foundation with Aad Hekker- Amsterdam

At several occasions, I worked with Aad Hekker at the lithographic studios Basement Press in Diepenheim and Steendrukkerij Aad Hekker, Amsterdam. Aad invited me to make works in a combination of woodcut and lithography. One of our projects was making and printing the ‘Vriendenprent’ for Stichting Archaeopterix with Aad, in 2012.

Collaboration/Weaving of tapestries in collaboration with Textielmuseum – Tilburg

I took the opportunity of working with weaving technicians at TextielLab. They wove three tapestries based on my series of woodcuts ‘Sunflowers.’

Collaboration/‘The Beauty of Serendipity’

On the occasion of my solo exhibition at the Beyerd, Breda in 1996 I published this portfolio with two woodcuts and a text by Elly Stegeman. 


Collaboration project with poems/emblemata from Ad van Rosmalen. Portfolio with six linocuts, 1992. 

Emblema1 1992 25x35cm

Emblema4 1992 25x35cm

Emblema5 1992 25x35cm

Emblema2 1992 25x35cm

Emblema4 1992 25x35cm

Emblema6 1992 25x35cm